The 3-2-1 Key Backup Rule – Protect your Keys "advice"

The 3-2-1 Key Backup Rule

The 3-2-1 key backup rule is an easy-to-remember acronym for a common approach used in IT, but this time to keep your keys or mnemonic from your Harmony wallet safe in almost any failure scenario. We know that you will think that this is over exaggerated, but with this you will never lose your money or the access to your wallet.

When you create a Harmony wallet, please save your private keys or mnemonic with this method.

The rule is: keep at least three (3) copies of your private key (or mnemonic) from your wallet, and store two (2) backup copies on different storage media, like USB stick, with one (1) of them located in your computer "private folder". and the other 2 copies (USB stick with text file) in a safe or in a place that only you have access.