# How to delegate to P-OPS Validator using Chrome/Brave wallet browser

This documentation will guide you to delegate to P-OPS Validator

Harmony Wallet

To start delegating to P-OPS validator you need first to install the Harmony's Chrome extension wallet, with this wallet you will sign the delegations in the staking dashboard. The Harmony's Chrome wallet is a secure native crypto wallet.The Harmony´s Chrome installation will create an Harmony icon


  1. Go to Harmony.one/chrome-store and install extension

  2. Click on the extension icon and create a new ONE address or import an existing address by selecting "Recover account"

3. After create the new wallet you can transfer funds to this wallet (please transfer funds ONLY in shard 0 )

4. Choose Mainnet on the Networks:

5. choose for P-OPS validator on the Validator list: (the address is one1kf42rl6yg2avkjsu34ch2jn8yjs64ycn4n9wdj

6. Delegate and confirm transaction: