# How to delegate to P-OPS Validator using Math Wallet + Staking Dashboard

Math Wallet is a browser extension and a mobile wallet for holding and transacting cryptocurrency.

Download & Setup


  1. Access the Google Chrome web store and install the Math Wallet extension.

Note : Ensure you use version 2.07 or later of Math Wallet (2.1.9 is the latest version).

Previous versions have a known bug and are not supported.

  1. Open the extension in your browser and create new password.

  1. Select Harmony from the list of networks.

Create/Import/Export Wallet

You can choose to create a wallet through the extension or import your existing wallet using a mnemonic phrase or a private key.

When you create a wallet, please write down your mnemonic correctly and keep in a safe place.

You may also import your Harmony Account using your mnemonic or private key.

You can also choose to export your keys in Settings. Your keys will be exported into a txt file with both private key and mnemonic.

Delegate to P-POS Validator via Math Wallet

Sign in from the staking dashboard https://staking.harmony.one/validators 1 for staking transactions.

When you click in "Sign in" should appear a new pop-up window (if don´t appears nothing please close all the windows and open a fresh new staking dashboard window.

Sign in to your Math Wallet browser extension. You will see a Login Request pop up. Select your wallet and click Accept.

You will be brought back to the Validator page of Staking Dashboard. You will be able to see your address on the top left corner under the Harmony logo which means you are now signed in to your account.

You need to have funds in this account to delegate to our P-OPS validator

Choose P-OPS Validator one1kf42rl6yg2avkjsu34ch2jn8yjs64ycn4n9wdj and click on Delegate button. Enter the desired amount of tokens you would like to delegate and click next.

Confirm the signature request on the Math Wallet pop-up window.

That’s it! You have successfully delegated your tokens to our P-OPS validator. Now you will also be able to collect rewards and also other operations